Qatar Masters: Giri - Wojtaszek, Carlsen - Yuffa, Vocaturo - Kramnik and Other Games of Round 3. LIVE

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Nice game by Mamedyarov over

Nice game by Mamedyarov over Lenderman, way too hard to manage the defense for Black. Should be the game of the round, even better than Carlsen's.

Nice finishing combo by

Nice finishing combo by Kosteniuk, but I'm not quite sure what Adhiban was doing with Nc6. Think for 15+ minutes and then allow a queen romp (with surely at least a draw)? Not sure why she took 5 minutes to play g5 either, but it never hurts to be sure.

Firouzja versus Svane was a

Firouzja versus Svane was a crazy game on the lower boards.
I was thinking Giri-Wojtaszek was drawn while Vocaturo-Kramnik was won, but it turned out the other way around.