Qatar Masters: Li Chao - Giri, Duda - Carlsen, Dubov - Mamedyarov and Other Games of Round 4. LIVE

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As a mathematician, I can't

As a mathematician, I can't say that I think the split-group pairings of high versus low is the optimal way of doing things. Rather than put Wei Yi at 2730 (highest on 1.5 pts) versus Vignesh at 2422 (lowest on 2 pts), I'd guess it would be "fairer" to move Wei Yi fully into the 2-point group as its lowest member, and then pair him against someone in the middle of it (or alternatively pair Vignesh into the middle of the group on 1.5 pts). The same could be said about the Carlsen-Yuffa pairing in Round 3. Anyway, the Wei Yi-Vignesh game showed that you have to be careful in pawn endgames!