Qatar Masters: Carlsen - Li Chao, Giri - So, Matlakov - Kramnik and Other Games of Round 5. LIVE

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Carlsen was one tempo faster

Carlsen was one tempo faster in the attack (maybe two), and really made it look easy, much easier than it could have been, finding all the right moves when needed. If nothing else, this Qatar trip has added one to his best games collection.
Mamedyarov-Khismatullin didn't figure to be a "normal" game given the players involved, and there was no disappointment on that grounds, but White really overreached in the chaos. Somewhat mindboggling, and not to mention Black had severe time trouble, allowing the game to be turned around.

Looks like it will be Kramnik

Looks like it will be Kramnik (4) versus Carlsen (4.5) in Round 6. [Oops, forgot Kramnik floated up in Round 5, so he won't do it again, and as Giri has the same color alternation as Carlsen, that means So will move up to play him instead].
Amazing how easy it is to go wrong in pressure-filled endgames (not just Matlakov), especially on the fifth straight day of play.