Qatar Masters: So - Carlsen, Kramnik - Mamedyarov, Ganguly - Giri and Other Games of Round 6. LIVE

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Jakovenko's long term piece

Jakovenko's long term piece sacrifice for pawns looks like it will ultimately pay dividends against Bologan. Certainly an interesting tussle. ... though I surely didn't expect it to end with a one-move back rank checkmate (Black was in time trouble, but took 90s to miss Re8#?).
How many pawns are worth a rook? A difficult calculation, but it looks like Harikrishna's rook are now better than Fedoseev's 4 pawns, particularly as e3 is weak. [Later, Sundararajan ended up with 4 pawns vs rook in a pure ending against Moiseenko, and was lost in theory, and after various mutual errors did in fact lose.]
Ni Hua had an exciting promotion combination against Vidit, and his opponent's attempt at a counter-promotion combo wasn't working.
Hou Yifan had great chances, but now she might even be worse against the surprising Vignesh (who admittedly has had some luck, both here and against Wei Yi).

Comparatively, except for Giri's Sicilian, the top 5 boards didn't have much action. Carlsen's classical Ruy was presumably interesting beneath the surface, but nothing too consequential happened on the board.

Tablebases say that Hou Yifan

Tablebases say that Hou Yifan was lost after 63. Ne3? Nc5!, using the knight to pick off White's a-pawn, and the king to restrict White's knight. For instance 64. Nxg4 Nxa4 65. Ne3 Nc5 66. Nd5+ Kd4 66. Nb6 Nd7! 67. Na4 Kc4 68. Nb2+ Kc3 69. Nd1+ Kd2 70. Nb2 Nb6 and Kc2. Her only drawing move was 63. Kf1 Kb3 64. Ke1 Kxa4 65. Kd1 Kb3 66. Kc1 a4 67. Kb1 a3 68. Ka1, and the king is just in time, with White playing Nd4 to able to guard against corner mates.

Maybe Giri realized that he'd have Black against Carlsen if he won, so played it for a draw instead. :) [Hmm, he still got Black against Carlsen... I guess I just don't understand the pairings system, as I thought by color alternation it would be Carlsen-Jakovenko.]