Qatar Masters: Carlsen - Giri, Yu Yangyi - Kramnik, Ponomariov - So and Other Games of Round 7. LIVE

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Mamedyarov continues to play

Mamedyarov continues to play chaotic aggressive chess, and his opponents have not coped well. He'd be a good antidote to the "boring" chess that's seen in the closed events. To me, that's the main issue regarding the format, whether the games are interesting or not. Personally, I'm not going to be inspired by an almanac of tournament placings, but would prefer to play over and study the actual games.
Jakovenko really looked to be in miserable form today, a good example of "decisive" chess that I don't particularly find thrilling, as there really wasn't much of a fight from Black.
Matlakov-Grandelius was certainly an imperfect game, perhaps one flaw too many for my taste (Nxe6 missed, by both sides), but still beats a boring Berlin any day of the week.