Qatar Masters: Mamedyarov - Carlsen, Kramnik - Sjugirov, Giri - Ponomariov and Other Games of Round 8. LIVE

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Yesterday all but one of the

Yesterday all but one of the games in the 4 pts group were decisive. Today all but one of the games in the 5 pts group were drawn. And so it goes... So has to be the one who is most disappointed with today's result, having an advantage against a (much) lower-rated opponent.

Perhaps Kramnik was "lucky" in the pairings (though Sjugirov is no pushover), and maybe Carlsen too in getting to face someone who was playing without caution (moreover when he had Black), but you can't discount that they won when it mattered. You could say similar things about Yu Yangyi having Black against someone (Grandelius) who played sharply, in comparison to (say) Ni Hua playing a low-risk style versus Harikrishna, where the latter just needed a few accurate moves to achieve equality, but could never really play for a win, if he had that in mind. Some of the other games seemed destined for a draw, with the players more eager to reach move 30 than anything else.

I don't blame Ponomariov for playing the Berlin against Giri, but it was more surprising to see Karjakin use it against Nguyen. Can he really expect significant winning chances with this?

I think Swiercz will face the

I think Swiercz will face the largest number of 2700+ players (6), with Carlsen, Giri, and Zhong Zhang each facing 5. At the other end, Karjakin, Harikrishna, Vitiugov, and Ivanchuk didn't face any 2700 players, while Nguyen had the most "bipolar" pairings (faced no one between 2500 and 2700).