Qatar Masters: Carlsen - Kramnik, Yu Yangyi - So and Other Games of Final Round. LIVE

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"I played e4, he played

"I played e4, he played Berlin, yada, yada, yada...let's get to the Doping controls."

Inevitably the typical

Inevitably the typical arguments concerning draws will rumble about after this display. But if the draw is a possibility, then it will often be a (strong) temptation, and men do not resist well.

Maybe "Kaufman Chess" is a solution: Black gets draw odds but loses castling privileges (the Komodo creator and former World Senior Champion says this is approximately 50-50 for White to win in computer testing). Then there's no mutually agreeable result possible, eliminating the possibility of an unfought game.

Salem-Sayed 1/2-1/2 also (14

Salem-Sayed 1/2-1/2 also (14 moves, about 10 minutes), sharing the Arab prize I guess.
Maybe the organizers (or sponsors) will be a bit piqued at such games?

Yu Yangyi had 57. g5! Lesson:

Yu Yangyi had 57. g5! Lesson: push the foremost pawn, not the rearmost (well, it happens to work here due as much to other tricks and reasons, but still it's a good principle). So got it exactly right with the knight hops, though 61... Ke7?! makes it interesting again (should again stay in front of foremost pawn with king).

70... Nd7! was a draw (71. e5

70... Nd7! was a draw (71. e5 Ke6 72. Kd4 Kf5 73. Kd5 Kxf4 74. e6 Nf6+ 75. Kc6 Kf5), while now White should win. This looks rather hard to calculate when playing almost on increments.

The playoff is a 2-game

The playoff is a 2-game mini-match at 5m+3s, if tied then another 2-game mini-match, and if still tied then play until someone wins (alternating colors WBBWWBBW...).

Carlsen lost to Aronian in a 2007 Candidates tiebreaker, but has a great record in them since.