Jeroen Van Den Berg: "People Don't Have to Worry!"

Время публикации: 24.01.2016 22:47 | Последнее обновление: 24.01.2016 23:52

Director of Tata Steel Chess tournament Jeroen van den Berg has confirmed that the next year will see the 79th edition of the famous festival:

"Officially we have not announced the dates yet, because we still have to control some small facts and talk with the company. But in general I can say: people do not have to worry. The 79th Tata Steel Chess tournament will also come in 2017, probably around the same days that we had this year. We will not promote it actively though - let's say, by press releases.
We are still happy with the concept which has been basically already existing for many-many years, although in 2014 we made some serious changes - for instance, that we play two rounds outside Wijk aan Zee. But we are quite happy with this format, and for the moment I have no clues to see that we will change this format. Yes, we will do the same in 2017. Most probably".

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This was a small part of the large interview with Jeroen van den Berg conducted in Wijk aan Zee by a Chess-News reporter Andrey Deviatkin. The full text will be published later.


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