Vugar Hashimov: "I was told of being unworthy of rest"

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E. SUROV: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Chess-News. I am Yevgeniy Surov and we are
having and interview with Vugar Hashimov, one of the Azerbaijan National Team members.
Good Evening, Vugar!

V.HASHIMOV: Hello Yevgeniy!

E. SUROV: We are holding this interview at 19:45 Moscow time and 23:45 of current local time
in China, on the eve of last tour. The 8th tour has passed and the Azerbaijan National Team
drawn 2:2 against Armenia. And, as far as I understand, the last tour against Egypt is nothing
more than…what kind of match is it going to be? Apparently, not too decisive…

V.HASHIMOV: Yes-yes, the match was absolutely inconclusive, but unfortunately, it somehow
turned to be totally contentious. The point is, before the tournament on our way to camp I met
with the captain Vladimir Borisovitch Tukmakov and asked him about the possibility not to set
me against Egypt here, in Ninbo (of course, if the match will not be decisive). I asked it for some
psychological reasons, as the previous match against that team at the World Championship in
Bursa, left a bitter mark. In response, I was told that it will be definitely taken into consideration
and so on…

E. SUROV: Vugar, lets try to remember, what happened in Bursa. Certainly, most people are
not even aware about it.

V.HASHIMOV: In Bursa, after two losses, I asked for rest, i.e. for the match vs. Egypt. That was
in presence of Azmayparashvili. I was refused, and then… In other words, that was a
tournament, but now it is a psychological moment.

E. SUROV: Yes, after that there was a conflict which held you away from the National Team for
a long time. And now you are back, for this tournament…

V.HASHIMOV: In reality, even though Azmayparashvili then made a gross error, I as a superhonest
person should admit, that at the European Championship 2009 in Novi-Sad he was an
excellent captain. I do still acknowledge that he was the best captain we have ever had. And it is
no mere chance that we won the European Championship in Novi-Sad.

E. SUROV: It sounds like an attempt to compare the previous captain with the current one? I
have that feeling…

V.HASHIMOV: Yes, that is the current situation; I was sure about getting a rest as the match
was not decisive in the tournament. But instead, I got an answer, that Radjabov could be
substituted rather than me, as he deserved it and I did not. This kind of answer from the team’s
captain is not impressive, to put it mildly. Consequently, Radjabov played as well, but, in
essence, so to speak….
If individual results are so important, then let’s play individual tournaments only.

E. SUROV: Who is resting tomorrow, in the long run?

V.HASHIMOV: It is Rauf Mamedov. But in my opinion, it is not really essential who precisely
will have that rest tomorrow.

E. SUROV: I don’t really get this motivation. It so happens that you were put to play as a
punishment? Because the match was really inconclusive. And you are in no more need of any
individual points…

V.HASHIMOV: Absolutely. Well, the “punishment” is a bit rough expression. As generally, I
played well on the tournament.

E. SUROV: Then, for not deserving….

V.HASHIMOV: Yes, it sounds pretty strange of itself.. As, virtually, I did win the match against
Russia, Grischuk – very principle match. Of course, there were some omissions, sometimes luck
helped, but this is tournament. In principle, if I lost here eight matches it would be a wrong
wording to put me to play for a reason that I did not deserve the rest. If I won eight matches and
deserved, it would still be wrong. In other words, there is no such thing in team as someone’s
deserving or undeserving. It is a team, a comprehensive whole. There should be a general team’s
interest. The team wins, the team losses. It is simple. Unfortunately, even some of our players
have another mode of thinking, that’s what brings to regrettable results. It is no coincidence, that
we rank the seventh place after 8 tours.

E. SUROV: In any case, to your opinion, there has not been a team – particularly a team – at this
tournament ?

V.HASHIMOV: You know, I have always loved to play at the team tournaments rather than at
the individual ones. Moreover, I loved to play for the Azerbaijan team. Because I have always
dreamt of becoming the champions of Europe, World Olympic Games, etc. And when such a
chance has fallen upon me in Novy Sad, I have used it, as I could and contested till the end. That
was something super important for me. For me the fact of Azerbaijan’s being the first is the
most important what can be. It means I give all my heart to the team. But unfortunately, when
some team members think differently, the result is as such. In other words, I am not sure,
whether it is correct to use the word “team” in this case. It seems, the captain is not the best
sample of objectivity.

E. SUROV: Vugar, I would put the question in this way: if you have the team interests as
priority – what you have already proven by participating at the world championship, instead of
going to Bilh, in contrast of others…
V.HASHIMOV: Yes, I have to confess, for that purpose I have refused the bonuses, which I had,
i.e. I was ready to give up everything – I was not interested in bonuses, nothing worries me in
this case. I am ready to play for the country.

E. SUROV: So, I continue the question…


E. SUROV: All right, you explain your “but”…

V.HASHIMOV: But, it is very important to have team spirit. I understand, when people, who
have never played in a team, say something like: “how to play at these tournaments ? That is not
soccer, where we should pass a ball to each other”. In fact, that is wrong. The team spirit plays
crucial role. The unity decides everything at these tournaments, because there are so many strong
teams of similar level. In that case, the other factors like the time spirit become important.
E. SUROV: So, I have a question. Everything is so as you said. Was it worth to raise a subject
for that recreation during the preparation: I would say: damn it, that Egypt ! Perhaps, you
shouldn’t have raised the question at all, and nothing like this would have happened ?
V.HASHIMOV: I have simply requested. I have a custom to request simply, I don’t register
everything on the paper. They didn’t agree, no problem, that is it. Unfortunately, sad moment…
In general, it is amazing ! If we would contest for something, I would have understood the
reason. But as such, all right, I would go and play… it means, there is absolutely no matter,
whether I play, or not. The same situation is with other 4 participants. No matter whom to
replace. If I was the only player asking for recreation, why I was given it.

E. SUROV: And you were promised, as I got, if there would not be a decisive game ?

V.HASHIMOV: They told if that would not decide anything at all. But the definition itself, that
“I don’t deserve anything with my play”, is the problem. If I was told, somebody plays not well,
or so, that could be different. But the answer itself…

E. SUROV: Vugar, don’t you worry, that by washing all these dirty linen in public, you would
be made a scape goat and hung for the unsuccessful campaign of the Azerbaijan team at the
world championship ?

V.HASHIMOV: No, I think, I would have been a scape goat, if hadn’t played the game. I guess,
some people would have been pleased with the fact, but they had no chance here. You know, I
don’t care, I will go and play a game as the next one. Of course, I can win, or loose, or draw, but
it is like any other game. It means I can do the same in any other day. There is always three
options of result. It was, it is. Fate – let it be. Nothing dangerous: nothing will change in my life,
if I win, or lose, or draw. I am always pleased with what I get. I think, I am a nobleman. Fate is
very favorable to me and I have absolutely nothing to complain about in my life. First of all
because I am surrounded with the people whom I love and they love me. That is more than

E. SUROV: I understand… But the question is you are saying all this openly. Perhaps, you
should not have done it ? Probably it could be worth to clarify inside of the team ?

V.HASHIMOV: What happens inside ? I tell the truth. There is nothing I am concerned about.
There will not be any conflict, or discussion. I will be preparing to the forthcoming tournaments,
nothing more.

E. SUROV: How do you see the future of the Azerbaijan team ? With the same members, or

V.HASHIMOV: Future… Let’s say, if nothing changes, then the future seems quite sad. But
while there is Elman Rustamov as the head of the federation, I believe something can be
changed. Because he was the reason of my returning to the national team. The only reason. He
loves chess; he loves Azerbaijan, of course. That is where our opinions coincide 100%. I do hope
the situation in the team will change. Azerbaijan has already showed ones that it can be the best.
We can repeat it ones again. Not only during separate games (we showed it here). The main
problem is when irrelevant people constantly interfere with the team. It goes on. It is all sad,

E. SUROV: So you would like to say somebody irrelevant prejudiced the success of the team ?

V.HASHIMOV: Well, probably you can’t call them irrelevant, who caused the conflict in Bursa
(I don’t mean Azmaiparashvili), and then were the reason of my absence in the Olympic games,
but they are still related to the team. This is the only and the main problem, nothing else. I am
very frustrated. All Azerbaijan supports our team. I can feel it. I am very sorry. I would like to
apologize on behalf of the team, even though some of the members don’t understand this,
apologize for not justifying the expectations. But please support our team further. In any case, I
will be doing all my best to keep the Azerbaijan flag high. I will be doing for that all in my
power. I won’t do that for somebody’s sake, but for the only reason of being Azerbaijani and
loving my own country. Everyone should understand it. I play for the National Team, because I
am Azerbaijani, I love my country. And that is it.

E. SUROV: Thank you very much. That was Vugar Hashimov – the only player among those,
who were invited to the individual super tournaments held simultaneously, but declined them
and participated in the chess world championship. Did you regret, Vuqar ?

V.HASHIMOV: Absolutely no. I never regret. And never will do. On the contrary, years will
pass (INSHAALLAH I will live long) I will be always pleased for playing for Azerbaijan, that I
was a part of the Azerbaijan team. In that aspect, I don’t regret an instance. Including playing in
Bursa. It is a great honor for me.

E. SUROV: Thank You, Vugar Hashimov.

V.HASHIMOV: Thank You.


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