Judit Polgar: Good Bye, America!

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Hungarian is in the quarter final

Perhaps, the match between the strongest woman chess player in the world Judit Polgar and her Cuban opponent Leinier Dominguez got a title of the most dramatic games at the pre-quarter finals of the World Cup. Having conceded in the first classical game, the Hungarian managed to redeem herself with black in the second one.

According to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov chess is played by 500 million people in the world. So, it is possible to assume that at least one million of them sympathizes Judit Polgar. Today this million had a chance to observe a tie-break between the Hungarian Polgar and Dominguez online. The game went to be dramatic: Polgar began and won with white but was defeated in a return game in which she chose the Scandinavian Defence; although the next game with white was successful for her she still capitulated with black again in Scandinavian Defence. After surviving with a draw in the first rapid game in a return game Polgar went back to Sicilian Defence which helped her to smash the Cuban opponent.

That’s how the three days’ battle proceeded:


To her choice of an unusual (and how we ascertained unsuccessful) opening for black in a tie-break matches Polgar gave the following explanation: “When you are playing so many games with one color and with different time controls it’s good to surprise the opponent from time to time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It seems to me that today it didn’t work out”.   

By the results of a tie-break it is possible that Zoltan Almashi, who stayed to help his compatriot, gets a reproof after his own defeat on a second stage of the World Cup.

“All’s well that ends well”. The hall is getting empty; Yury Dokhoyan who is on the background in the picture has also left Khanty-Mansiysk. That was him who supported Sergey Karjakin… as refers to Judit Polgar she continues playing in the World Cup.  

Summing up it’s already clear that Judit Polgar is not going to attend the tournament, that we’ve already announced, “Kings vs. queens” that will take place in St. Louis from September 10th till September 15th. Judit changed her plane tickets and for the moment trip to America is not in her plans.

Photos - chess.ugrasport.com


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