Lev Psakhis Fighting For His Life… And Its Quality

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A well-known Grandmaster stood a serious operation

It’s already several months that a well-known Grandmaster and a coach Lev Psakhis is trying to save his life. The liver transplantation operation he has stood was qualified as one of the hardest in Tel Aviv for the last years.

 I'M STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!”

this is a note he made on his Facebook page recently.

“I was few times one step from death, - says Psakhis. - I've been waiting for the liver 20 days. According to doctors 2 days more... My heart stopped two times. I spent six days in hallucinations (military coup in London, a chess game with Saakashvili and so on). And this is just a short list of my problems. Now I still cannot move, but every day there's an improvement. So I hope the situation will be much better in a couple of weeks”.

In a phone talk with Grandmaster Alexander Baburin approximately two weeks ago Lev Psakhis told him that he was fighting for his life in July and August, while now he’s fighting for its quality.

Lev Psakhis was born on November 29th 1958 in Krasnoyarsk. Considered as one of the strongest Soviet chessplayers he is two-time winner of the USSR Championships in 1980 and 1981 (shared with Alexander Beliavsky)and in 1981 (shared with Garry Kasparov).
He’s an International Master from 1982.
Psakhis also won European Team Championship in 1983 as a member of the Soviet team.
He lives in Israel since 1990. Lev has represented his country at the World Olympiads seven times in a row, including twice on the top board.
Psakhi’s is an author of the opening theory books.
He worked as a coach of such famous chessplayers as Garry Kasparov, Susan and Judit Pogar.

Photo by Mark Livshits Chesspro.ru


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