Vladimir Tukmakov, the Captain of the European Champions: “Radjabov Will Play on the First Board, Gashimov Will Be on the Second One”

Время публикации: 28.10.2011 20:46 | Последнее обновление: 01.07.2012 12:16

The captain of the Men’s Team of Azerbaijan, the Grandmaster Vladimir Tukmakov on preparation of the team and the goals for the upcoming European Team Chess Championship in an interview to azerisport.com:

“We’ll be in Greece on October 31st which means we will have enough time for adaptation as long as the tournament starts on November 3rd. Now it’s hard to say who is in good shape and who is not”.

“Some think Safarli will replace Huseynov, but that depends on the top three players; if the top three players will show a good performance, Safarli will replace Huseynov, and therefore, maybe I will give the leaders opportunity to rest”.

“the final decision will be known after the meeting. But now I can surely say that the players will be playing according to their rating. Radjabov will play on the first board; Gashimov will be on the second. Mamedyarov and Guseynov on the third and fourth boards accordingly, Safarli is in reserve”.

“Well, Azerbaijan goes to Greece as a European Champion which means we don’t have any choice except fighting for the first place. Any other result will be considered as a step backward. Azerbaijan Team is now third by the rating in this tournament. It’s a high-level competition, so we have to do our best”.

“Russia is top seeded, it’s a very strong team. Morozevich’s appearance made it even stronger; and we also shouldn’t forget about Ukraine, Armenia, France, Israel and Hungary – ten teams are going to compete for the gold medals”.

“I think that getting into the top three can be considered as a quite good result; anyways, Azerbaijan will play for the first place”.

“Nevertheless chess is an individual sport and much depends on the individual performances. If each of the players will be good by his own then it will be easier for the whole team. Three out of five chess players have to play better”.

“I wish to see a team spirit at this tournament because only it can help us to reach more”.

Full interview (azerisport.com)


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