“Moscow Open-2012”: Main Tournaments in Swiss-System Again

Время публикации: 28.10.2011 22:54 | Последнее обновление: 04.02.2012 19:41

The upcoming event is called "International Cup of RSCU"

The official website of the traditional festival “Moscow Open” published regulations about the International Cup of the Russian State Social University “Moscow Open-2012” (RSCU). The festival will be held from January 28th February 5th, 2012. The location of the festival hasn’t changed; Russian State Social University will be hosting it again.

Let us remind you that there were two main round-robin tournaments in last year’s festival – among men and among women. However, it seems that the novelty didn’t take on, so that two open competitions are considered to set the tone for the current event.

The tournament “A” is called the stage of the Cup of Russia among men. Participants with rating above 2100 are welcomed to take part in it. Similar is the open-tournament “B” – the stage of Cup of Russia among women. The chess players with the rating under 1900 are also allowed to participate.

The tournament “C” is allotted for amateurs with the rating under 2300.

“D” and “E” competitions will be held among students who have obtained the Grandmaster titles, all other students will play in “F” tournament.

The competitions “G” and “H” will gather school champions and graduates from schools accordingly.

The last “I” tournament is the “Fifth World Cup of Chess Composition”.

The total guaranteed prize fund is 3 150 000 RUB. The main prize for the competitions “A” and “B” is 250 000 RUB and 100 000 RUB accordingly. 


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