WYCO 16: Armenia Blunders, Russia Goes Ahead the Round Before the Finish

Время публикации: 30.10.2011 23:29 | Последнее обновление: 30.10.2011 23:45

The 9th the last but one round of The World Youth Under 16 Chess Olympiad has just finished in Turkey. The match Malaysia - Russia happened to be unequal: minions played without their leader Dubov Daniil but still won over the rivals 3.5-0.5; however, the match Kazakhstan – Armenia appeared to be a shocker: the leaders of the tournament lost 1.5-2.5. The rivals agreed to draw in the only indecisive game, though it didn’t seem suitable for the position.   

SAIYN (Kazakhstan) - HARUTYUNYAN (Armenia)

Any of the reasonable moves could lead White to the victory, but 13-year-old Saiyn Zhanat (he becomes the “hero” of our reports for the second day in a row – yesterday he couldn’t keep equal endgame) preferred to stint himself in perpetual check (Ng4 – Nf6). 

Under the system of counting match points this episode wouldn’t be that interesting, but since every single point has the primary importance Kazakh’s decision seems really weird. 

Watch all games here.


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