London: Anand, Finally, Wins

Время публикации: 08.12.2011 23:52 | Последнее обновление: 08.12.2011 23:54

Prior to the successful game against Short, the World Champion hasn't won 12 games in a row

The fifth round of London Classic was marked by three decisive games.

In an atypical pawn structured position Hikaru Nakamura intensified the pressure on Howell, which led to Englishman’s blunder on the 29th move. After 30.Rxb7!  which was followed by 32.Bxh6! White got a decisive advantage. Thus, Nakamura gained a third in a row victory and took the lead with 10 points.

Vladimir Kramnik overtook Adams in a good strategic style, he confidently converted his advantage after Adams, quite unreasonably, gave away his pawn on the 34th move.     

Vishy Anand beat Nigel Short, who managed to keep an approximate equality before the time control. It’s noteworthy that before this win the World Champion couldn’t gain victories in any of the games as in Moscow (nine games at Tal Memorial), so in London (3 games).

Levon Aronian got a strategic advantage against Carlsen, who was careless enough to miss a blow  18.Nxe4!.

However, Armenian GM lost his chance of raising problems for Carlsen by 25.a5! - fixing Black’s queenside pawns on the color of their bishop. As a result, Norwegian managed to salvage the game.

Standings after Round 5:
1. Nakamura - 10 points (out of 5 games)
2. Carlsen - 9 (5)
3-4. Kramnik and McShane - 8 (4)
5-6. Aronian and Anand - 5 (4)
6. Short - 3 (4)
8-9. Howell and Adams - 2 (5).


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