Kramnik Storms London Chess Classic

Время публикации: 12.12.2011 23:19 | Последнее обновление: 12.12.2011 23:24

The former World Champion wins in London

Today the decisive round of the London Classic has finished.

The key game Kramnik - Aronian ended in a calm draw, which suited Russian, as long as he’d be a winner on a tie-break in the case of Carlsen winning against Short (well, the prize fund would then be separated).

A relatively quick draw was recorded in another clash of the day McShane-Anand. The rivals didn’t avoid repeating the moves in an approximately equal middlegame.

Once again in recent years Anand ends competition with an unimpressive result.

But McShane, as in last year’s event, surprises again. He beat all of his compatriots, the only loss Englishman had was in the 8th round against Kramnik.

Carlsen probably expected to fight for a victory in a duel against Short, however, he couldn’t manage to raise any problems to English GM; moreover, in the endgame he got a worse position. So he was forced to find ways to draw in a rook endgame without a pawn.

The only decisive game of the last round belongs to Nakamura who defeated Michael Adams. 

In a King’s Gambit American gradually got an objectively worse position, but in a time trouble English GM started to mistake. For example, Adams could gain a huge advantage sacrificing a pawn 30…b3!. It wasn’t late to try it even on 35th move. But Michael chose fallacious    exchange of the bishops and made a decisive mistake 38…b3??, an accurate 39.Qc3!  and no dice for Black.  This success brought Nakamura the second place.

Thus, the first place goes to Kramnik who won over all Englishmen of the tournament and made draws in other encounters. Russian, therefore, improved his rating for January 1, which has to ensure his getting qualified for Candidates. 

Overall result:

1. Kramnik - 16
2. Nakamura - 15
2. Carlsen - 14
4. McShane - 13
5-6. Aronian and Anand - 9
7. Short - 6
8. Howell - 4
9. Adams - 3

More than 200 players participated in FIDE-Open. Indian GM Gupta Abhijeet won the tournament with 8 points out of 9, leaving his compatriot IM Grover Sahaj half a point behind. 


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