From Capablanca to Volokitin

Время публикации: 05.01.2012 23:25 | Последнее обновление: 06.01.2012 00:47

Ukrainian wins in San Sebastian

A century ago a beautiful casino building located in San Sebastian hosted an unusual tournament which was won by young genius Jose Raul Capablanca. The experimental competition named "Donostia Chess Festival" has finished today.The prize fund of 100 thousand Euros attracted a lot of famous Grandmasters.  

Andrei Volokitin, the winner of the World Olympics-2004, won the festival by defeating a young and progressive Czech GM Viktor Laznichka.

The struggle in the final game was quite equal right up to Laznichka's terrible blunder on the 32nd move.The second game was dead-draw rook endgame, thus, Laznichka, practically, lost the match in one move. However, as GM Anastasia Karlovich reports from San Sebastian the initial cause for Laznichka's blunder was his problems with time control in on of the games, which has influenced his play in the second game.

Check the photo spread here on Chess-News.  

(photo А. Karlovich/D.Lyada)


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