Wijk Aan Zee: Kasparov Praises Carlsen for the Victory Over Aronian

Время публикации: 16.01.2012 22:41 | Последнее обновление: 16.01.2012 22:45

The former World Champion and Carlsen's former mentor, Garry Kasparov, called Norwegian's play against Levon Aronian "great". Several minutes ago the leader of the world rankings beat Armenian GM in the key game of the third round and took sole lead. 

In a worse position Aronian decided to sacrifice a pawn, however, that didn't bring Armenian any relief - as well as his further attempts to complicate the game. 


In the endgame with Norwegian's material advantage, the only chance for Aronian could have been 53...Rh1!. After 54.Be7 Rh3! 55.Ne5+ Kf5 56.Nd3 Rg3! White needs to come up with something better than 57.Bg5 Rg4+ 58.Kc5 Rg3 59.Kc4 Rg4+ 60.Kb5 Rg3 61.Nc5 Rxg5! with a draw.
But after Levon's choice 53....Rg1?! position for Black turned out to be hopeless. 


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