Levon Aronian Back into the Sole Lead

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Vugar Gashimov couldn't defend Modern Benoni Defence

The first game that finished in Wijk aan Zee tournament turned out to be decisive. Vugar Gashimov, the only GM of the modern elite who regularly practises Modern Benoni, couldn't manage to defend the variation with Black pawn sacrifice in the duel against Aronian. 

The last time this continuation was tested at a high level tooks us back in 2010 Gelfand - Gashimov (drawn) and Gelfand - Jovaba, Eurocup 2011 (This was Gelfand's last victory in 2011). 

Despite the fact Levon didn't know that his 15th move is a novelty, he still gained some advantage. 


Later Gashimov clearly underestimated the delicate 21.Qe1!  and lost a pawn without any compensation. 

After sixth round Aronian snatches sole lead, while Magnus Carlsen and Teimour Radjabov share the second place with 4 points each.

Above all 18...Nb6?! was marked by both GMs as somewhat unclear; Black still had chances for a sufficient counterplay in the case of another choice of the 18th move. 

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