Wijk Aan Zee: Gelfand Escaped Kamsky; Nakamura Defended the Dutch Defence

Время публикации: 22.01.2012 21:41 | Последнее обновление: 22.01.2012 21:41

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The title of the most unexpected result of the day could be awarded to Gelfand - Kamsky duel. Anand's challenger for the World Championship title Boris Gelfand, who played with White, got a lost endgame and even confessed after the game that he saw winning continuations for his opponent minimum three times. The spectators, who were analyzing the game with Houdini program, "buried" Gelfand for several times because at some points computer evaluation has reached "-6". However, it seems that only Kamsky couldn't see the winning moves. 

A regards to Russian GM Karjakin, he made his first draw at the tournament. His opponent, Nakamura played the Dutch defence for the third time in Wijk aan Zee (as you remember, earlier he lost to Aronian in the opening and won over Gelfand); at the beginning he faced some difficulties, however, American managed to equalize position gradually.

Unlike Karjakin, Van Wely made his eighth draw, this time against David Navara. 


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