The Day Full of Surprises

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Carlsen and Radjabov got closer to the leader Aronian

The eleventh round of Wijk aan Zee Super-GM tournament was full of surprises and finished with two extremely important results.  

Pictures of the eleventh day of the event can be found  here

The leader Levon Aronian in the encounter against the outsider of the tournament David Navara made an inopportune queen exchange (14.Qxb4?) allowing the rival to grab initiative in the middlegame. 

Aronian couldn't extinguish Black's activity and lost the piece. Czech finished converting the extra Knight in checkmating attack. 


57...g5+! 58. fxg5 hxg5+ 59.Kh5 Qe4 60.Kxg5 Ne6+ 0-1

As it became known for Chess-News, last night was the only time Navara had full-fledged sleep, he had suffered from insomnia during the whole tournament. 

* * *

The encounter of the former World Champion and the current Number 1 in world ranking Magnus Carlsen turned out to be extremely sharp. 

In a calm line of Sicilian Defence White's play wasn't quite accurate, after allowing the rival to activate on Queen's flank, Carlsen went off for a desperate attack, which on a large scale was a bluff. 


In a critical position after 25th move Topalov overestimated his opponent's attack, who, despite the concentration of his pieces on kingside, didn't actually create any threat to Black King. Bulgarian GM preferred to sacrifice his Queen 25....Qxf7? for more than enough material equivalent. However, 26.Nxf7 gxf6 was followed by 27.f4!, and White's attack turned out to be enough for a draw as minimum. Moreover, avoiding the repetition of moves, Carlsen managed to win the game. 

Teimour Radjabov defeated his compatriot Gashimov in one of the key duels of today, which means Carlsen and Radjabov got closer to Aronian and lose him only half a point. 


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