Position Repeated, Achievement - Exceeded

Время публикации: 29.01.2012 19:46 | Последнее обновление: 30.01.2012 06:31

Levon Aronian secured clear first place at Wijk aan Zee 

The last round of the Wijk aan Zee tournament saw a quick draw in Aronian - Radjabov encounter, which guaranteed the leader clear first place. Theoretically Radjabov and Carlsen still had a chance to catch Armenian GM, however, a calm line of Grunfeld defence brought Aronian desired result. 

Aronian has won (although shared) Wijk aan Zee tournament of 2007 and 2008, but now he exceeded his achievement and took clear first place adding it to his vast collection of titles, which is missing probably the only one title of Classical Chess World Champion.  

After occupying the second place in the world rankings Aronian threatens seemingly unshakable leadership of Magnus Carlsen. 

Now Aronian can clock up seven wins against two defeats in the current event. Remember some of them right below.  


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  • Although Fabio Caruana grabbed some initiative against Vassily Ivanchuk and even gave a try to the tempting rook sacrifice, at the end he he had to satisfy with the perpetual check. 

  • In the protracted duel of the fourth round of Wijk aan Zee tournament, Aronian managed to take an upper hand on Gata Kamsky. This is Armenian GM's third victory besides one loss against Carlsen. Now they share the lead. 

  • The best games of the tenth round of Wijk aan Zee festival have been decided by the Organizing Committe. Mark Glukhovski and Mikhail Golubev on the air of Chess-News radio proposed that 500 Euro prize would be awarded to Levon Aronian who took an upper hand on Anish Giri in an impressive attack, however the organizers desposed not to award the same player (Aronian) for the second time and gave the prize to Ivanchuk.

  • One of the leaders of the Wijk aan Zee tournament Levon Aronian satisfied with a draw against Loek Van Wely in a well-studied branch of the Queen's Gambit. The game turned out to be unexciting. 

  • Armenian GM Aronian scored against Boris Gelfand in a tough game, while Anish Giri couldn't resist Veselin Topalov and lost for the five time in a row. 

  • The former World Champion and Carlsen's former mentor, Garry Kasparov, called Norwegian's play against Levon Aronian "great". Several minutes ago the leader of the world rankings beat Armenian GM in the key game of the third round and took sole lead. 

  • The title of the most unexpected result of the day could be awarded to Gelfand - Kamsky duel. Anand's challenger for the World Championship title Boris Gelfand, who played with White, got a lost endgame and even confessed after the game that he saw winning continuations for his opponent minimum three times. The spectators, who were analyzing the game with Houdini program, "buried" Gelfand for several times because at some points computer evaluation has reached "-6".

  • Giri's fourth loss in a row happened in Round 11 of Wijk aan Zee tournament. This time he was defeated by Caruana. Italian played confidently sacrificed in the middlegame and developed decisive initiative. As GM Tomashevsky, the commentator on the air of the Chess-News radio,  noted Italian's achievement is worth of being awarded the prize for the best game of the day. 

  • Teimour Radjabov becomes harder-to-beat 

  • Levon Aronian maintains lead