Gibraltar: Selected Photos

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During the whole Gibraltar festival we never suffered from the lack of photos, which were always timely shared by the organizers. We offer you the selected pictures here. 

In the Pair Blitz tournament which was held besides the main tournament, one of the teams consisted of Zhukova Natalia and Kosintseva Nadezhda.

Viorel Bologan and Peter Svidler

In another "pair" event Muzychuk sisters played the simultaneous exhibition.

Sergei Movsesian

Anna Zatonskih

Nigel Short. At this moment nobody knew he would be the winner of the festival. 

Another tradition of the Gibraltar festival - the organizers hold the dinner with some of the players. 

Irina Krush

Stuart Konquert, director of the Gibraltar festival with Humpy Koneru, Vice-World Champion. 


Salome Melia: the dinner turned out to be tasty. 

Hou Yifan's walk with her mother before the start of the festival has been portrayed in lots of photos.  

Jokes aside, the game has begun.

Nana Dzagnidze the hero of the first part of the festival.

Artur Jussupow 

Jan Gustafsson

Alexei Shirov

Emil Sutovsky makes castling looking into the camera

Michael Adams

Krishnan Sasikiran

Hou Yifan's triumphal streak started after victory over Judit Polgar

Her next victim was Le Quang Liem


Almasi - Adams duel

Humpy Koneru 

Viktor Korchnoi 

Shakhriyar Mamedyarov couldn't gain the needed point in the game of the last round against Hou Yifan. 

The older and more experienced player won the playoff. 

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