Igor Lysyj Beat the Leader and Won Moscow Open

Время публикации: 05.02.2012 21:36 | Последнее обновление: 05.02.2012 21:36

The traditional RSSU festival is over. "Aeroflot Open" is ahead 

Dmitry Kokarev couldn't retain the lead in the A-tournament of the Moscow Open (RSSU Cup stage among men). Russian player was defeated by his compatriot Igor Lysyj, who after a long struggle, managed to convert his advantage into a point.   

Lysyj  - Kokarev. The tension is seen with the naked eye. 

Thus, Lysyj became a sole winner with 7,5/9. Kokarev, Inarkiev and 15-year-old Eliseev, who hasn't international title yet, scored 7/9 and shared 2-4 places.

Pavel Maletin and Alexandr Lastin (Russia), Alexei Alexandrov (Belarus), Bartosz Socko (Poland), Dmitry Svetushkin (Moldova), Daniil Dubov, Nikolai Chadaev, Igor Kurnosov, Andrei Deviatkin (all Russians) scored 6,5 points each. 190 participants including 62 grandmasters  competed in the tournament. 

Most of the players are looking forward Aeroflot Open, which will also take place in Moscow. 

Here are the top-games of the last round. 

Все материалы о турнирах фестиваля Москва-опен 2012


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