Mateusz Bartel: "It's a Pity Tomashevsky Didn't Sacrifice His Queen"

Время публикации: 09.02.2012 23:41 | Последнее обновление: 09.02.2012 23:41

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The 3rd round of A-tournament of Aeroflot Open was marked by only three decisive games. Top rated Tomashevsky drew against Mateusz Bartel. As a result of their joint analysis it turned out that a great part of their fight stayed off-screen, including the part where Black could sacrifice queen. 


Тhe Polish Grandmaster has just moved the rook from b5 on b4, threatening to catch Black queen - Ra4. Tomashevsky, instead of 23...Bc6, could have played 23...hg 24.Ra4 e3! (an important intermediate move) 25.fxe3 Be4. However, Russian noted that "Computer may laught at it".




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  • The 7th round of Aeroflot Open hasn't finished yet and is marked by several quick draws in the games of outsides, however, that's not all news. Fabiano Caruana of Italy has been crushed in 22 moves by Polish GM Mateusz Bartel. Both of them were pursuers of the leader Anton Korobov, who is playing against his third pursuer Pavel Eljanov of Ukraine.   

  • The Polish GM Mateusz Bartel and Ukrainian Pavel Eljanov won their games against Indian players Sasikiran and Gupta respectively in Round 6 of Aeroflot Open. Now they, just like Fabiano Caruana, chase the leader Anton Korobov, who wins them only half a point. 

  • Korobov lost leadership

  • Mateusz Bartel, winner of recent Aeroflot Open, gained his third in a row victory in Polish Championships and 4th overall; IM Iweta Rajlich, a wife of the creator of Rybka, shared 1st place with Joanna Majdan-Gajewska, however she was declared the champion on better tie-break. This is her seventh national title - before marriage she was playing under her maiden name Radziewicz.

  • The Spanish GM Francisco Vallejo experienced an unfortunate failure against Ivan Sokolov in Round 4 of Aeroflot Open. 

    After overplaying his opponent, Vallejo not just missed victory but managed to lose. 


  • The leader of Aeroflot Open Anton Korobov thinks "Fools get lucky"

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  • Giri's fourth loss in a row happened in Round 11 of Wijk aan Zee tournament. This time he was defeated by Caruana. Italian played confidently sacrificed in the middlegame and developed decisive initiative. As GM Tomashevsky, the commentator on the air of the Chess-News radio,  noted Italian's achievement is worth of being awarded the prize for the best game of the day. 

  • After almost four hours of play Vassily Ivanchuk with White lost against Gelfand in Round 11 of Wijk aan Zee tournament.