Some of the Candidates Tournament Participants' Comments on Its Venue and Dates: Grischuk is Very Satisfied; Svidler Agrees with Danailov

Время публикации: 08.03.2012 21:40 | Последнее обновление: 08.03.2012 21:40

The website Chessvibes asked some of the participants of the Candidates Tournament to comment on the confirmed dates of the tournament. Let us remind you that Magnus Carlsen's opinion has been known earlier: "FIDE must have a very good reason to schedule the Candidates in the fourth quarter instead of for instance the late first quarter or the second quarter of 2013. I'm really curious to know what would drive FIDE to schedule the candidates in the middle of the high season of top level tournaments."

Levon Aronian and Teimour Radjabov preferred not to make commentary this time.

Vladimir Kramnik:
"The location and the dates are fine, but I agree that there must be a meeting between organizers and FIDE a.s.a.p in order to clarify the calendar from next year on. Besides, we all have our experience in the past so let's see if the event in London really take splace. Finally, I think that Mr. Paulson will have to say openly and publicly what he is going to do next. I mean: what is his programm, etc, no just general words. Because nobody knows him and his plans and his reasons to be involved in chess."

Peter Svidler:
"Love London, not ecstatic about the dates, but not as big a deal for me, obviously, as it is for the organizers of the LCC, Tam MEm, Bilbao and so on. Know next nothing about Agon, and - a rarity - tend to agree with Silvio's point: the bidding procedure has been somewhat subverted. Interesting wild-card choice, too, considering the venue."

Alexadner Grischuk:
"I would say I am very satisfied with both dates and place. Both are excelent. Of course, the situation is a bit weird with azerbaijan-England stuff, but it's none of my business."


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