Garry Kasparov Considers Fischer's Rating From 1972 Higher Than Carlsen's Current Rating

Время публикации: 13.04.2012 14:55 | Последнее обновление: 13.04.2012 15:15

The Estonian Financial Conference will be held in Pärnu on the 19th April and will be attended by the country’s President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Garry Kasparov. A week before this event, the thirteenth world champion gave a telephone interview to Postimees. This was mainly not about chess matters, but towards the end Kasparov was asked to pick someone out from the young players.

”The most talented is Carlsen, of course. He is a star of the first magnitude” said the ex-champion. “In contrast to the records in athletics, chess ratings depend on the level of inflation. When I was moving up, there were very few people with the rating of 2700, and now there are at least 45 people.

In fact, due to an increase in people playing chess, the base of a pyramid is growing and this is adding rating points at each level. Fischer's rating was 2785 in 1972, but it certainly has much more weight than Carlsen’s higher rating. And this is also comparative to my 2851 rating in 1999. An evolutionary factor is in play here. That’s why, despite the mathematical soundness of ratings, I wouldn’t give them such a historical significance.

Fisher regularly achieved “+6” when he was moving up, I often attained “+6-7”, while Carlsen gets “+3-4”. And that’s enough, because the pyramid has grown and today’s super tournaments already have ratings beyond 2750. The only tournament with a similar rating happened in 1996.

The top six played at the tournament in Las Palmas, which was attended by me, Karpov, Kramnik, Anand, Ivanchuk and Topalov. It was a tournament unique in its status, despite the fact that the rating of the top players was not the biggest by today's standards. So all this must be taken into account if you want to do a historical analysis.”

Garry Kasparov turned 49 today.


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