FIDE Set Minimum Amount of Prize Funds: ?150,000 for European Championship, ?100,000 for Women's Section

Время публикации: 19.04.2012 23:01 | Последнее обновление: 19.04.2012 23:22

The President of ACP GM Emil Sutovsky shared some of the key desicions reached by FIDE at the last Presidential Board in Elista on the air of Chess-News radio. In particular, according to Sutovsky, FIDE set the minimum prize funds for the continental competitions.

"I prepared a rather serious statistics of the prize funds that European championships used to have, showing how they gradually declined coming down to the fact that this year the players were paid a little bit more than 80,000 after deduction. FIDE considered that doesn't correspond to the level of the Continental championship, so it has reached an agreement stating that from 2014 the minimum prize fund, including taxes, should be no less than 150 thousand euros for men championship and 100 thousand euros for women's one."

The Grandmaster added that the requirements for other Continental championships will be developed separately.


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