Dubai Open 2012, Fifth Round

Время публикации: 20.04.2012 19:23 | Последнее обновление: 22.04.2012 05:20

Dubai Open, fifth round. (ChessDom videos).


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  • In Dubai, the final round of the open tournament is taking place right now. At the start, Vladimir Fedoseev, David Howell, Dragan Solak, Eltaj Safarli and Alexander Shabalov all have 6.5 points. Solak and Safarli have made a quick draw, but the other games are continuing. Follow the live broadcast.    

  • There was a blitz tournament that was won by the rating favourite Baadur Jobava with 7.5 out of 9 during the free day of the main competition of the Dubai festival (in the United Arab Emirates). Mikheil Mchedlishvili, Vladimir Baklan, Avetik Grigoryan and Alexander Kovchan ended up half a point behind. Dubai Open: Five GMs Caught Ni Hua and Akopian

    In Round 6 of Dubai Open Ni Hua of China and Vladimir Akopian (Armenia) drew their game allowing 5 out of their 18 persecutors to catch them: Abhijeet Gupta, Parimarjan Negi, Chanda Sandipan (all from India), Normunds Miezis (Latvia) and Evgenij Miroshnichenko (Ukraine). As a result seven GMs lead the Championship with 5 points out of 6.

  • This video was recorded in Evgeni Bebchuk's Moscow Chess Academy in 2004. It was attended by the grandmaster's wife Olga and Evgeni Vasiukov. Vladimir Vasilkov recorded the video. 

  • Ukrainian national teams were met by xsport journalists at the airport. Namely, Natalia Zhukova who won individual gold on the 4th board gave a short interview. According to Natalia the women's team (which finished third) could have achieved a better result if all of the members of the team were in an optimal shape. 

  • The World Rapid Championship has started in Dubai. There are overall 113 participants. You can check the result of Round 1 here. In the first round Carlsen beat Georgiev, Caruana was stronger than Sokolov I, Nakamura lost against Iturrizaga, Aronian was defeated by Ganguly. Overall five rounds will be played today.

  • ChessVibes and Europe Echecs present their video reports (in English and French) about the game 11 of the World Championship Match, which also show Gelfand's seconds Pavel Eljanov and Alexander Huzman.

  • I recently received a letter of apology from Gaioz Nigalidze, and therefore would like to express my position publicly.

  • Two world champions play against each other in the first round of the round-robin women tournament of the "E" festival "Moscow Open".

  • The traditional present chess players get in Khanty-Mansiysk is the earflapped fur hat. This time it was awarded to Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Ian Nepomniachtchi, Alexander Grischuk, Le Quang Liem and Ruslan Ponomariov.