A New Name is Rising on the Chess World's Horizon: Oleg Skvortsov Will Play Classical Games Against Kramnik, Aronian and Others

Время публикации: 21.04.2012 16:54 | Последнее обновление: 21.04.2012 17:20

The main sponsor of the match Kramnik - Aronian and the Russian businessman Oleg Skvortsov does not intend to limit himself to a passive participation in the event that started today in Zurich. Skvortsov will play classical time limit games against both leading heroes of the event: Kramnik and Aronian (on the free days scheduled during the match), as well as against the Swiss grandmaster Yannick Pelletier and the guest of honour Viktor Korchnoi, who will arrive towards the end of the match.

The businessman seriously worked on chess some time ago. Earlier our site published Skvortsov's memorable game with the annotations of his former coach Sergey Janovsky. According to Skvortsov, he prepared seriously for the forthcoming battles and even used a grandmaster to help him.  


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  • In 2013 Zurich is going to hold one more top level chess competition. The organizer shall once again be Oleg Skvortsov, the one who sponsored Kramnik-Aronian match, which was quite a success in april this year. Next event to go is a match like the one before or a tournament between four top level grandmasters. Exact details and time will be announced later.

  • Today is the first free day in Kramnik - Aronian match that takes place in Zurich. However, it's hard to say that the Grandmasters had a rest from chess. Especially "unlucky" in this context was the leader of the match Armenian Aronian: Levon played two games against the main sponsor of the match Oleg Skvortsov.

  • This morning Victor Korchnoi, who lives in Switzerland and represents that country in competitions, has arrived to the Kramnik - Aronian match in Zurich for the remaining two days. As always, he is not alone but with his wife Petra Leeuwerik. The legendary grandmaster has just played two rapid games with the sponsor of the match Oleg Skvortsov and then hasn't declined to play blitz, although that wasn't planned. All the games ended in favour of the veteran player.

  • The American Hikaru Nakamura is visiting another Swiss town, Zurich, on the way to the super tournament in Biel, which is due to start on 23 July. He has a full programme in Zurich: a simultaneous display with the members of the Savoy Chess Corner, a lecture and also two games with the sponsor of the April match Kramnik - Aronian Oleg Skvortsov. And one of those games will be played with a long time limit of one and a half hours.

  • A scheduled free day turned out into a working day for Levon Aronian. 

  • Russian businessman proposes to hold a match or a match-tournament

  • Boris Gelfand wished the participants to play bright chess

  • Not only the closing ceremony took place after the match between Dmitry Andreikin and Ian Nepomniachtchi has finished. The businessman Oleg Skvortsov founded a special prize for the "best creative achievement." According to Skortsov, the 3rd game of the match became the best one, so he awarded both of the players.

  • It's hard to believe that it's twenty-first century and now even nanotechnologies are developing in some places. Or is it better not to think about it? It's possible to think about anything but that while strolling in Zurich, still cool in the springtime, with the hands in the pockets of my raincoat. 

  • Kramnik - Aronian match under way in Zurich