Grandmasters' Fights on the Internet: the Ugra Governor's Cup Has Started

Время публикации: 05.05.2012 17:02 | Последнее обновление: 05.05.2012 17:23

The traditional internet team competition, the Ugra Governor's Cup, has started at 18.00 today on the Chess World portal. Every year the competition attracts the strongest internet teams from the former Soviet Union territories: the teams typically include more than 50 grandmasters and international masters.

Preliminary rounds will be held on Saturdays at 18.00 Moscow time and, based on their results, the final tournament will be held on 2 June. The final will have nine teams that achieved the highest number of points in the four stages of selection and one team entered directly, nominated by the autonomous institution of HMAO-Ugra: the Ugra Chess Academy.

Baadur Jobava, Sergei Rublevsky, Vladimir Malakhov, Anton Korobov, Dmitry Andreikin, Sanan Sjugirov, Sergei Zhigalko and many others participated in the same tournament last year.

The Individual Cup, where anyone can play, will be held on Sundays. Last year the geography of the identical competition comprised over 20 countries and 1400 people.

We are planning to regularly cover developments of the Ugra Team Cup on our site.
You can read all the details about the cups' regulations and format on the organisers' site.


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