Vugar Gashimov May Not Play at the Olympiad

Время публикации: 10.05.2012 01:34 | Последнее обновление: 01.07.2012 12:59

One of the leaders of the Azerbaijan national team Vugar Gashimov may not play at the forthcoming Olympiad in August-September because of health problems. That was announced by the head coach of the team Vladimir Tukmakov in an interview to "Although, I, of course, depend on him" - added the specialist.

According to Tukmakov he hasn't decided the list of the participants of the team yet. Two vacant boards are claimed by four people: Gadir Guseinov, Rauf Mamedov, Eltaj Safarli and Vasif Durarbeyli. All of them, together with Shakhriyar Mameydarov, will play in a friendly match against Georgia; according to Tukmakov there's 90% possibility that it will be held.



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