Dad Helped With the Opening

Время публикации: 18.05.2012 21:49 | Последнее обновление: 19.05.2012 00:31

Nine-year-old Katya Goltseva didn't lose against Kasparov in the simul (the game)     

Garry Kasparov's visit to the Tretyakov Gallery, we've already informed about the first part of it here, finished with the simultaneous exhibition on 15 boards. Nine-year-old Katya Goltseva from Nizhny Novgorod became the hero of the simul, she managed to hold with the maestro (there were made two draws in the simul). After the game Katya told us she didn't prepare for the game and played the opening prepared by her father. 

Katya, who is the champion of Russia under 10 and currently holds the Candidate Master title gave interview to our site; we'll publish it later.

Follow us to see a large photo spread from the spot.

Here we offer you the game which will be remembered by Katya for her entire life.  

[Event "Simul"] [Site "Moscow"] [Date "2012.05.18"] [White "Kasparov, Garry"] [Black "Goltseva, Ekaterina"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [ECO "B12"] [PlyCount "90"] [SourceDate "2012.05.18"] 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Na6 4. c3 Nc7 5. Bd3 g6 6. Ne2 h5 7. O-O Nh6 8. Bxh6 Bxh6 9. Nd2 Ne6 10. Nf3 Nf4 11. Nxf4 Bxf4 12. Re1 e6 13. c4 Bd7 14. Qb3 Qb6 15. Qa3 Bh6 16. c5 Qd8 17. Qc3 b6 18. b4 O-O 19. a4 a6 20. Nd2 b5 21. Nf3 Qc7 22. Ra3 Ra7 23. Rea1 Rfa8 24. g3 Kg7 25. Kg2 Qb7 26. Qb2 Bc8 27. R1a2 Qd7 28. Qa1 Qb7 29. axb5 cxb5 30. Ra5 Bd7 31. Ng1 Bg5 32. h4 Bd8 33. Qc1 Bxa5 34. Rxa5 Bc6 35. Qg5 Qe7 36. f4 Be8 37. Nf3 Bc6 38. Kf2 Qxg5 39. fxg5 Kf8 40. g4 hxg4 41. Nh2 Ke7 42. Nxg4 Rh8 43. Kg3 Raa8 44. Nf6 Ra7 45. Be2 Raa8 1/2-1/2 


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