Moscow: Ilia Smirin Thinks That Anand Is Playing Poorly, but He Has Gained an Initiative Again

Время публикации: 22.05.2012 15:10 | Последнее обновление: 22.05.2012 16:13

In the exclusive interview for our site, the grandmaster and commentator of the World Championship Match (currently played in Moscow) Ilia Smirin assumed that the initiative, "has temporarily gone to Anand again".

"Yesterday, there was a feeling that Gelfand is fully holding the initiative", said Smirin referring to his compatriot's win in the seventh game. "But today he lost in a very quick style and made a horrible blunder. So, I think, the initiative has gone to Anand again. It's still difficult to predict how it will all end".

Smirin thinks that both decisive games were stressful for both opponents.

"A win can, sometimes, be no less stressful than a loss; it can even be more stressful. That's known to those who play chess at a reasonably high professional level. In general, the psychological advantage is an elusive thing: it can change after every game. So, creating a trend and catching this tendency is, probably, not that easy. I don't know. To be honest, there can be a large variety of forecasts, but we'll see it all soon anyway, therefore... Vishy Anand is playing poorly so far in this match; I wouldn't even credit him with today's game. By and large, he didn't do anything for the win: to some extent, it came into his hands by itself in this game. So far he played poorly. Possibly, this game would wake him up a bit; a win like this would give him confidence and we, possibly, will see a different Anand. That's a possible scenario".

In reply to what he feels about commentating, Smirin said, "It's really interesting for me. I always liked the world of journalism. When I was young, I dreamt of being in the movies. I was always interested in this world, same as my favourite chess player Mikhail Tal, who was a journalist at the same time. I read his articles and his absolutely brilliant interviews. I wouldn't say that I try to copy him, but I view his style as a standard. He could express himself very interestingly and beautifully, without accentuating himself, his own remarkable personality, and with an unobtrusive sense of humour. I mean, he wasn't trying really hard to be funny; it just happened naturally alongside his writing. And that's a big talent, I think. I read his articles a very long time ago, but have re-read them just now since his book has been released. It's quite an old book, I think: the volume five of Mikhail Tal, where all of his articles were collected among other things. He always impressed me very much, including from the journalism point of view. Really, it's an interesting experience for me because I like it".

With regards to future projects by Andrey Filatov, Smirin noted that he's known him for many years and he always does his projects meticulously and professionally, in the best way, "He seriously intends to promote chess and find an economic model for chess. He understands these problems. He thinks that the connection with museums... The Tretyakov Gallery is only the first step. For example, I know that discussions have almost finished with Louvre about holding the Alekhine Memorial there next year. Half of the tournament would happen in Louvre and half in some Russian museum. In other words, Louvre has already agreed, at least verbally. Because this can be very interesting for the museums as well".

Read and listen to Ilia Smirin's full interview (in Russian).


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