Boris Gelfand, "We Are Playing a Match, Not Entertaining Spectators"

Время публикации: 29.05.2012 14:32 | Последнее обновление: 11.11.2015 01:25

At the press conference after the end of the twelfth game of the World Championship Match, the Chief Editor of Chess-News Evgeny Surov asked the participants a question, which interested many people (judging by their comments) almost throughout the match,

"We now have a standard situation in the match when a game ends rather quickly time-wise and both opponents say that the final position was equal, all resources were exhausted and there was no point to play any further. But many spectators come to the match, especially for the last games. Have you thought about playing the endgame a bit longer for them, so that ordinary fans can understand why it's a draw and how it happens? Do you understand that, for example, there's a draw in today's final position, but many, perhaps, don't understand it?"

Boris Gelfand volunteered to answer,

"First of all, we are playing a match, not entertaining the spectators. Secondly, there are dozens of commentators at the match. I'm sure that if they make a minimal effort, they can easily explain everything. All commentators are of the highest standard and they can explain it in one or two minutes to hundreds of thousands of spectators all over the world".

At this point it would be appropriate to quote reactions of the official match commentators, which we already gave in our detailed report about the game.
Svidler, "It's a bit unexpected". Smirin, "But the position is objectively a draw".
Ten Geuzendam, "Shocked". Kramnik, "I don't see any reason for White to offer a draw".


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