The Ambassador of India to Russia Congratulated Anand, While Homeland Welcomed Gelfand with Applause (PHOTO)

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Once Boris Gelfand has landed in the Ben Gurion Airport and stepped over the line separating the terminal with the baggage claim area, the supporters who came to the airport to meet their hero burst out into applause. A lot of them were holding banners with supportive writings. First to congratulate Boris were his children.

Photo by Yaron Brener

"I didn't realize it will be like this," Boris said. "I heard that people in Israel closely followed (the competition,) and that the entire nation watched the games," he said. The GM expressed his hope that "it's a very good thing for the public that every child will know what chess is."

Meanwhile, Viswanathan Anand met the Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation, HE Mr Ajai Malhotra.

After congratulating and honoring the Champion, the Ambassador noted that Anand became GM when he was 18, he was the only player having this title; His achievement, according to Mr. Malhotra, was an encouraging example for young players and the number of GMs increased - now there are 24 grandmasters in India. 

Anand thanked the Ambassador and said his match against Gelfand was more "a war of endurance" than a chess competition.

This event was also attended by a large number of Indian supporters. 

Photographs from the Embassy -


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