Mark Dvoretsky: "In the Tretyakov Gallery I had Time to Think Over What Was Happening, but in Batumi I Haven't Got Enough Time For That"

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Z.STURUA: Mark Izrailovich, you were visiting the Tretyakov Gallery practically every day. Where it was more interesting – there or here [in Batumi]? Everybody writes that there were some underlying reasons, subtle preparation, “the tip of the iceberg” – those are the opinions widely discussed.

M.DVORETSKY: Well, it was more interesting there.

Z.STURUA: Really?

E.SUROV: Mark Izrailovich, you have to be more careful…

Z.STURUA: You probably met a lot of friends there…  

M.DVORETSKY: That’s only one of the reasons. Here I also have some interesting conversations; I usually visit the venues first of all for communication, because you can watch the games at home. That’s not a point. There I could think over what was happening. Here I don’t have enough time for that. Here I can express only my first impressions.

Z.STURUA: You have to follow tempo of life – faster, more interesting… A blow here, a response there, hither and thither…

M.DVORETSKY: Following tempo of life is interesting when you’re one of the players. Then you are really having fun, you’re enjoying yourself. Perhaps, here are some interesting games, but we are able to grasp only some fractions of a second.

Z.STURUA: We already played enough serious chess during our lives, sometimes we just need to get relieved of that.

M.DVORETSKY: Well, yes, we're relaxing; of course, we're enjoying ourselves, nobody disagrees with you. 

Z.STURUA:  Recently I’ve noted that I can’t watch very serious movies; I get enough seriousness in everyday life. There are things where you are eager to relax, enjoy yourself. Even if there aren’t some deep ideas, combined games – it’s more interesting when there are mistakes! It’s by far more interesting.

E.SUROV: And there’s also another popular argument nowadays: who said there are less mistakes in the classical chess games than in rapid ones?

M.DVORETSKY: The fact that there are less mistakes in classical games needs no discussion.

Z.STURUA: We are not going to argue about that.   

M.DVORETSKY: There are quite many mistakes in the serious games and that is undoubted, however, the quantity of them is incomparable and that is evident.

Z.STURUA: But who said that the games without mistakes are more interesting than the ones in which the players make them?

M.DVORETSKY: No, it’s not that the game without mistakes is more interesting, the point is that in serious games the players are able to make plans, develop ideas and get pleasure from them. Here (in Batumi) it’s not that there are a lot of mistakes, partly it’s all about the fact that the mistakes are very stupid, even idiotic. You can’t find that much mistakes in serious chess; moreover, you can’t develop the ideas which bring pleasure to you. A bunch of very simple combinations, which maybe only sometimes are interesting to observe, we saw thousands of them, while the move c5-c4 which was played by Gelfand in the 12th game of the match, a positional sacrifice of the pawn – it was a revelation even for some grandmasters, who commentated the match. That wasn’t trivial. And when you see that move and try to understand why it is needed… By the way, you have time to think over it. If we saw that move here, we wouldn’t pay much attention to it: “OK, she’s sacrificing a pawn, that’s interesting; so, let’s see if that’ll work out.” And we argue, discuss… In other words, I’m interested in the fight of ideas.

E.SUROV: So, I guess Mark Izrailovich was quite convincing, wasn’t he?

M.DVORETSKY: But why should I be convincing? Everyone has his own feeling of the game.

Z.STURUA: He wasn’t trying to convince us…

M.DVORETSKY: I was just expressing my understanding of the game.

Z.STURUA:  Your feelings, sure. Well, as it’s said everything is good in its season. So, I’ve came to this beautiful city Batumi, the weather is nice, the sea, the sun. I want to relax, watch entertaining chess with mistakes, even with idiotic ones, with anxiety, emotions – and I’m getting that at full. And there, you watch those ideas, deep considerations and that’s an absolutely different type of play. That’s different chess, the one played in the Tretyakov Gallery. We all have played that chess; and now, one wants to feel something different…

M.DVORETSKY: Well, wait a second, nobody said rapid chess shouldn’t be played or we don’t need this kind of tournaments. I mean we’re going on vacation once a year and another 11 months we’re busy with more serious things. And each should have its place.

Z.STURUA: As a coach of the women’s national team I can tell you I'm getting enough adrenaline before, at least, the Olympiad.

Photo by Anastasia Karlovich


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