Sergey Karjakin: "As Soon As I Will See That I'm Moving Towards the Twilight of My Career, I will Leave Chess"

Время публикации: 07.06.2012 12:56 | Последнее обновление: 07.06.2012 12:56

The Russian Reporter magazine published Sergey Karjakin's reflections on chess as a profession.

"I have an incentive - to become the World Champion, - says the GM. - This is my childhood dream and of course I'll strive for that. But as soon as I'll understand that my career is moving towards its twilight, I'll leave chess. On the other hand, the recent World Championship match gathered the players, Anand and Gelfand, who are on the shady side of forty, which means the chess player's sporting life is quite long. At the moment there's nothing that could entice me more than chess."

At the same time Karjakin considers chess not the most profitable and rewarding sport. "A lot of players miss something, let's say talent, so they are going to play for their entire lives, but won't return the investments. Sometimes it happens that you enter the list of a hundred best players, but you still earn less than you spend. My income relies entirely on the honorarium for participation in the tournaments. At the same time I can't plan anything because, you never know if your performance will be successful. I'd like to note that a lot depend on the country. For example, Carlsen is the only one in Norway and he's almost a national hero there, that's why all the sponsors support him, while there are a lot of talented players in Russia, so it's quite hard to find a sponsor." 



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