Alexander Morozevich Explained Why He Has So Many Fans

Время публикации: 07.06.2012 13:15 | Последнее обновление: 07.06.2012 13:16

"Maybe that's because of my style of play - answers Alexander Morozevich the Russian Reporter magazine's question about why he has so many fans, - I'm playing in a fighting chess, there's a lot of struggle and emotions in my games, - that attracts a lot of attention. When two GMs meet, look at each other, show their respect towards each and support it by a draw in 20-25 moves, - this is less interesting for the spectators."
In the same article Morozevich told that ones he has overslept the game.
"That was in 2005 at the Russian Championship - before the game against Mitya Jakovenko I had a somehow special sweet sleep. In general this forfeited defeat was quite useful: my organism had its sleep out, I gained four victories with one loss in the next rounds and as a result shared the 2nd place." 


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