The Georgian Chess Federation Has Also Joined in the Protest Against the Actions of the Olympiad's Organisers

Время публикации: 11.06.2012 16:09 | Последнее обновление: 11.06.2012 16:10

The President of the Georgian Chess Federation Gia Giorgadze has confirmed that his federation supported the protest by the English Chess federation against the actions of the Olympiad's organisers. It was done several days ago, on 8 June, with the following letter:


Dear all,

Georgian Chess Federation is against any kind of discrimination, so we fully support initiative of English Chess Federation.

Best Regards
G. Giorgadze


We reported earlier about five other federations joining in the protest from England. Therefore, at present all seven chess federations whose rights were breached joined their forces in the fight against discrimination.


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