It's One of the Most Exciting Tournaments in the Whole History of Chess

Время публикации: 15.06.2012 18:10 | Последнее обновление: 15.06.2012 19:15

The Tal Memorial is nearing the finishing line.

This is a wonderful tournament and, perhaps, one of the most exciting competitions in the whole history of chess. Yes, it's precisely that.

Of course, there isn't the same level of tension as in the recent World Championship - the stakes are different - but the games... There are games to suit any taste; it's a real celebration for fans and appreciators of chess. Even the most die-hard sceptics, who are ready to bury classical chess after any unexciting draw, have disappeared (although that's, unfortunately, temporary).

The tournament intrigue is also definitely present. After the phenomenal start (4 out of 5!), Morozevich overpressed and lost to Nakamura with white. It was pleasing to hear this line by one of the commentators, "Morozevich is true to himself. As Athos said (sic), 'I attack because I attack'." It's the end of the quote.

Anyway, all sorts of things can be said on the fifth hour of live commentary...

Kramnik caught up with Morozevich, and continues to forge victories in his trademark style (I wrote this phrase after move 42 in the game Kramnik-Tomashevsky. After that Vladimir started to play very sloppily and missed the win many times, but Evgeny didn't use his opponent's mistakes and gave in. But the phrase about the trademark style would have to be disavowed in any case:) ) 

Carlsen, Caruana and Radjabov are closely behind the leaders and "the name of the tournament winner will be decided in the Monday's fight between the two Yokozunas": Kramnik is playing against Morozevich in the final round.

Still, I think Carlsen and Radjabov have all the chances of intervening in the fight between the leaders.

As usual, video transmission is done very well. It was a real find to invite Max Dlugy to press conferences as the translator. He's a strong grandmaster, who freely speaks in Russian and in English, and performs his duties very well. It's a shame that he wasn't invited to work at the match Anand-Gelfand, where apart from the typical phrase, "I play one game at a time", the rest was free translation on a topic that wasn't very familiar to the translator...

There are only three rounds left until the end of the tournament; don't miss this most exciting event!



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