Magnus Carlsen: "It Would Be Nice To Have Such Support As Morozevich Has"

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Е.KLIMETS: Hello, this is Chess-News, it's the closing ceremony of the Tal Memorial and I'm with the winner of the competition Magnus Carlsen.


Е.KLIMETS: Which was the most important win for you - the one you achieved last year or the current one?

М.CARLSEN: I don't know. I think, this win was very important for me, because I actually haven't won a tournament since I won here last year; but you know, I'm obviously extremely happy with the win I got and I don't take it as granted. It was tough here and I definitely needed not only my own help, but some other peoples' help. You know this is the way it happens sometimes.

Е.KLIMETS: We felt that you were eager to win yesterday against Tomashevsky, is it correct?

М.CARLSEN: Yeah, it's definitely true.

Е.KLIMETS: But what were you thinking today in the morning, how did you expect to finish this tournament?

M.CARLSEN: I didn't think too much about it. I was half a point behind and I was playing black, the chances of winning the tournament are not great; but I felt that, even though I was very disappointed with the result yesterday, I had to come and play; as it turned out I eventually managed to outplay McShane. I saw that Caruana was behind on time, he had a difficult position and obviously this gave me some motivation as well. 

Е.KLIMETS: Did you see the action in support of Morozevich? Would you like to see something like that in your honor

М.CARLSEN: Yes, that was nice. It would be nice to have such support myself.  

Е.KLIMETS: Thank you very much.


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