Slightly More Than a Half of Chess-News Visitors Want to See Garry Kasparov as the FIDE President

Время публикации: 19.06.2012 18:25 | Последнее обновление: 19.06.2012 18:25

We've finished collecting the answers to the question, "Would you like for Garry Kasparov to become the FIDE President in 2014?"

YES - 55.96%

NO - 55.04%

The positive answer prevailed, but, as it can be seen form the results, a large proportion of the site's audience view this idea negatively.

We remind you that Garry Kasparov didn't exclude the possibility of putting himself forward for the election of the FIDE President in two years time. "I'll do whatever it takes to save chess from Ilyumzhinov", he wrote on his Twitter micro blog, "If it means running for FIDE president myself, it's possible".


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