Cricket Against Logic

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David Navara and Peter Svidler will determine the strongest    

The Cez Chess Trophy festival, which was officially opened in the evening in Prague, apart from everything is attracting with its creative posters. The readers of Chess-News can easily recall the one that was made for last year's match between Navara and Movsesian. This year the leading GM of Chezh Republic holds the poster of the match consisting of 4 classical games. On the poster the Russian Champion, Peter Svidler, is absorbed in the book "Cricket", while the Champion of Chezh Republic is carried away with "Logic".

According to David GM Svidler wasn't fascinated with the author's idea and wished to have a conversation with him. 

The opening ceremony and the draw was held in the same building as in last year, located in the central part of the city - Square Malostranska. Actually, the "ceremonies" lasted for only several minutes. The usual organizer of the event Pavel Matocha invited the opponents to the stage and the sponsor's representative took black color for Svidler.

Unlike previous years the match will take place in the building which is situated in a few minutes walk from one of the main attractions of Prague - the Charles Bridge. 

Follow us to get detailed information from the spot. 


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  • As you already know the last game of Navara - Svidler friendly match finished in a quite quick draw as long as the overall result of the match was already determined in Russian GM's favor.

  • A friendly match between David Navara and Peter Svidler starts today in Prague at 21:00 MSK Time. The rivals will play in the framework of the annual festival Cez Chess Trophy. This time the opponents will play only 4 games, the playing days are June 20th, 21st, 23rd and 24th. All information about the event will be published on our special Chess-News page.

  • Svidler won and took the lead in the match against Navara

  • One of my favourite places in Prague is a huge green area - Petrin hill, the place where you can't stop walking. 

  • Game 2 of the Navara - Svidler has started several minutes ago in Prague. The match is held in the framework of the festival Cez Chess Trophy. Let us remind you that the opponents will play overall four games. 

  • The traditional Čez Chess Trophy willbe held from June 6-10 in Prague. 

  • The match between the first rated GM in Czech Republic David Navara and the world #2 among women Hou Yifan has started today. The rivals will play four classical games. You can follow live streaming on the official website. 

  • Peter Svidler won the match against David Navara one game to go 

  • Every time I walk around Prague in spring, I wonder why the song "The best city in the world" was not written about it. And why do people recommend one to see the city best by walking along its broad avenues, rather than its green spaces, with their unique aura, the smiles of passers-by and the stunning views.