The 7th Vladimir Dvorkovich Cup Starts in the Dvorkovich Chess Lounge

Время публикации: 28.06.2012 15:56 | Последнее обновление: 28.06.2012 15:56

The 7th Vladimir Dvorkovich Cup dedicated to the famous Russian chess arbiter starts today in the Dvorkovich Chess Lounge. As usually the tournament will gather the teams composed by the the young players (each team has not less than two men and one women player). The teams of China, Poland, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Russia and Dvorkovich Chess Lounge will compete in a round-robin format.

The Russian team consists of Yuri Eliseev, Kirill Alekseenko, Darsen Sanzhaev and Alexandra Goryachkina.

The Dvorkovich Chess Lounge is presented by Grigory Oparin, Mikhail Antipov, Saveliy Golubov and Maria Severina.

The time control is 90'+30''/move.

The website of the Russian Chess Federation provides the links on the regulations of the tournament, composition of the teams and the program of the event. 



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