Family Life is Better Than Poker and Blitz. Dmitry Andreikin's Interview

Время публикации: 03.07.2012 21:23 | Последнее обновление: 03.07.2012 21:23

Dmitry Andreikin, the winner of the Russian Premier League held in Tyumen, gave an interview [in Russian] to Dmitry Kryakvin. It was published on the website of the Russian Chess Federation today. Namely, GM stated he put paid to his hobby of playing cards: "I gave up playing poker. Previously I was playing at the amateur level, which was taking a lot of time and nerves. After several hours of poker the head is not working at all."

Furthermore, the player is not interested in blitz as he used to: "The time of playing in ICC just for fun is gone. It's very easy to win in blitz. Sometimes you create just several not very dangerous threats and the opponent is confused, destroyed and he spends a lot of time, which makes you a winner soon; while in classical chess one is more solid, so spending too much time on playing blitz leads to those well known series of draws."

Judging by Andreikin's results and his own evaluation, after the adaptation period his family life only helps him: "My wife helps me immensely. 2011 - the year we got married - hardly can be mentioned as a successful one. There were some successful tournaments, however, we still needed time for growing roots, building a family. Last year I couldn't participate in the Premier League because of the wedding, while now it really goes well." 

As we've already reported, today Andreikin continues fight for qualification to the World Rapid Chess Championship.



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