Nikolai Chadaev Addresses FIDE, "The Rules Should be Written More Clearly"

Время публикации: 04.07.2012 18:50 | Последнее обновление: 04.07.2012 18:58

In a video, published on the official site of the Rapid and Blitz World Championship in Astana, the grandmaster Nikolai Chadaev, talked about the incident, which happened in his game against Vladislav Tkachiev in the qualifying tournament,

"I played against Vladislav Tkachiev in the fifth round. At the end there was the position 'a rook and a bishop against a rook' without pawns. Objectively, the position is drawn, but White keeps practical chances and can play that position for a very long time. I asked an arbiter to count the moves. Once I requested that a draw should be registered, the arbiter said that more than 50 moves have been made - 58. Vladislav said that he doesn't know such a rule and, since the arbiter counted the moves, but didn't write them down, it's not the proof. Theoretically, he [the arbiter] could have made a mistake. The arbiter asked the chief arbiter to make the decision. The chief arbiter decided that the game should continue. At that moment my position was already completely lost and I resigned two moves later. After that I, of course, wrote an appeal. But if a draw was registered instead, then Vlad Tkachiev would have written an appeal. It's quite a complex situation. Am I happy or not? I think that's not the question. The main question is that FIDE should write the rules more clearly".

We can add that Chadaev's appeal was satisfied and the result of the game became a draw.


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