For Many Years in the Future

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Ali Nihat Yazici continues being the FIDE Vice President 

The situation with Ali Nihat Yazici's resignation has cleared up: the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov refused it and Yazici promised to continue working "hard as usual". 

"Dear Ali,

Based on the recent decision of the Court of Arbitration of Sport, which validated the nomination of five Vice Presidents, I do not believe that there is any reason why you should why you should resign from your position as a FIDE Vice President. Therefore, I am not accepting your letter of resignation and am requesting you to continue with your excellent contribution to our work for the betterment of chess. 

The continuation of our impressive progress is the best answer to those who try and play unethical political games by misleading and trapping some Federations. This practice should be strongly condemned by the General Assembly in Istanbul. I look forward to work with you for many years in the future.   

Yours truly,
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov"

"Dear President,

I thank for your trust and considering that we have won court case, I respect your decision.

I will work hard as usual.

Best regards
Ali Nihat YAZICI."

Silvio Danailov, the President of ECU, commented on his Twitter page: "If somebody really want to resign, he doesn't need the approval of Kirsan. Or I am missing something here and this was just circus?"

Photo Anna Burtasova,


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