In Greece, Suat and Ekaterina Atalik Will Play the First Match in History Between a Married Couple

Время публикации: 23.07.2012 19:23 | Последнее обновление: 23.07.2012 19:23

'An action is equal to an opposing reaction' - that's how the information can be described, which we received today. The married couple Suat and Ekaterina Atalik will play a friendly match against each other in Greece - the country where the Turkish grandmaster Suat Atalik was prohibited from playing in official tournaments.

The match will take place from 7 until 9 August at the Chess Academy 'Palamedes of Evia' in Chalkida and will serve as a prelude to the international tournament 'Negroponte-2012'. "Hosting this match in Chalkida is a vivid example of the true spirit of Greek hospitality, as well as the increasingly strong bonds of friendship between the Greek and Turkish people", - states the press release form the organisers.

What's left to say is that there hasn't been such a match between a husband and a wife in the chess history. The match will consist of two classical games (7 August), four rapid games (8 August) and eight blitz games (9 August).


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