Fide Ethics Comission Gave its Decision Related to Suat Atalik's Participation in "Golden Sands" Tournament

Время публикации: 17.08.2012 18:08 | Последнее обновление: 17.08.2012 18:34

FIDE Ethics Comission (EC) gave its decision related to "Suat Atalik's participation in Golden Sands tournaments in Bulgaria". The general document, also containing EC decisions on other issues is published on the FIDE site today. 

Both sides sent their applications: The Turkish Chess Federation accused Suat Atalik and tournament organizers as well as grandmaster himself sent his own application where he accused Ali Nihat Yazici and TCF.

The EC ruled that "The case, concerning various assumed violations of the FIDE Code of Ethics, has to be rejected as not receivable and has to be dismissed. The FIDE Secretariat will communicate the decision  to the complainant. It is still unclear which of the two complaints is said to be "Non-receivable". It was Atalik who applied to EC concerning the Ethics Code violation. The Turkish Chess Federation President Yazici asked the organisers of the tournament to exclude Suat Atalik from the participants list.


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